Sunday, 21 November 2010

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Support Our Soldiers

This event is ongoing with a 2 week time window
And started on 20th November 2010
10 Downing street with their "White Flag Revolution".

It would be a great help if you could help us network this message. Peacestrike at the moment have 6 tents on the pavement occupying the space opposite Downing Street. This occupation is not going to become a tourist attraction and is set to last for 2 weeks, Peacestrike
"White Flag Revolution" are calling for a radical change and are hoping that everyone will join in this struggle to stop the war now and start bringing the troops home.
This is an ongoing campaign and requires people to be there, preferably 24/7 with their warm clothing, waterproof, tents and sleeping bags.
We appeal to you for your help in networking this life changing message, RSVP, many thanks. Radfax/PeacefestUK, Bsc Conservation

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