Thursday, 20 January 2011

EMA Students Rally against cuts London 19th January 2011

All children’s futures are at risk

Risk assessment;

Job cuts, EMA cuts Education cuts, lack of investment into future jobs for the people.
Excessive unaffordable house prices, the lack of social housing, coupled with over priced rents charged by landlords, low wages, 20% VAT, Poll Tax ( where’s the community in that charge?)
The continued dilution of the NHS, with private health companies hiring NHS operating theatres leading to private companies competing for space and time with NHS patients. The NHS belongs to the people it is the people’s right to access the best health care.
The sale of the people’s lands is a very worrying development, with forests being sold throughout England to the highest bidders, open to foreign investment and private companies.

These forests are part of our heritage

Soaring interest rates yet to come.

Every year the people are paying out more and more to councils, government, private firms and the like, whilst getting less and less in return for their efforts.
And the public’s assets continue to be sold off without referendum or consultation with the people.
We are not dogs who sit by a masters table waiting for scraps whilst the wealth of the families and lands are being sold off along with integrity and honour.

The actions of these elitists is against the people and therefore unacceptable, and if any Royalty want the full support of the people, then it is their duty to give light to such things and openly denounce this unjust self imposed government where quango leaders insist on handing to the people an unfair and unjust system where children’s future’s along with so many others are so blatantly being smashed up and destroyed.
It is as clear as the light of day that those who profess to be in power do not have the people’s best interests at heart. We must remember that the true power is with the People
We are rational people with the hearts of lions.
We all know the truth of what exactly is going on within our country.
This great injustice forced upon us.
It is “Now Time” the time for all of Britain United to say NO under one umbrella. This daylight robbery and unaccountability to the people by politicians, government officials, Law Lords, councils and the banks cannot be allowed to betray both people and country.

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