Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The People's Constitutional Charter

Use your voice to make a degree of difference

To us it would Initially seems that a majority citizens of Great Britain would have to agree to the first three underlying principles of the People's charter in order to facilitate and endorse the remaining 23 points
All points raised are evaluations and are open to dialogue, suggestions, and additions
also in what order they should be placed.

To us the major issues that would need to be addressed first in order to allow the following, is that of transparency & accountability

The People’s CharterThe 26 Points

1. The common law of the land apply within parliament with a fully transparent and a just system favouring democracy of the people, whereby the government and police are held to account for their actions against the people.

2. That members of parliament appointed and acting on behalf of the people shall have no other vested interest other than that of the people.

3. An end to injustice.

4. An end to unlawful wars.

5. Banks return all bonus money and immediately return monies borrowed from the public purse. Further to this all people's monies will be restored to people's banks, with the power to control money being put back into the hands of the people.

6. That all Mp's pay back their expenses claims, any members who are shown to have claimed more than 10,000 in any one year will be sacked unless just cause can be shown as to why it was so excessive.

7. That banks stop operating as high profit businesses, and stop investing in non sustainable assets. Furthermore that 50% of their gross profits will be directly reinvested to benefit all people and the environment.

8. An end to mortgages.

9. Access to affordable houses and housing for all.

10. All taxes that are raised from petrol and diesel will be invested in renewable energy.

11. All taxes raised from motorists will be used to invest in cheap affordable green transport.

12. Where public monies are spent, or public assets are sold, full and transparent consultation will take place with the people and in favour of the people's needs and wishes.

13. That all future investments of public funds will be for the benefit of all people and the environment.

14. An end to corporate control.

15. An end to oil exploration.

16. An end to Poverty.

17. That a cap be set on maximum wages, whereby people earning over £100,000 a year will be taxed at 100% on anything above that thresh hold.

18. That all businesses with a gross profit exceeding 1 million pounds must show that the rest is invested in sustainable growth, or given to the treasury to be reinvested in the country.

19. That all revenues taken in taxes will be just and fair, furthermore that these taxes will be used to benefit all people and the environment.

20. Investment and a realistic holistic approach to all self sustainable environmental innovations and practices.

21. Jobs for now and the future.

22. Free education for all.

23. An end to Homelessness.

24. Investment into renewable energies.

25. All industry becomes green, investing in sustainable holistic practices including green energy, methods in sourcing, production and the recycling products from start to finish.

26. An end to nuclear energy.

We as free people must not pull back from seeking the truth and consistency in any plans concerning our race, the planet and its species.
If we look at the world, we are all sharing it as the whole, the one, and, at present, there is no other.
The bottom line is, you cannot get off.

It is each and everyone's responsibility to ensure that industry, Governments and corporate's do not destroy the environment and species any more.
There are no excuses for the wanton destruction of the planet, it's species and habitats to date.

You/we/I have only to look to see the massive environmental damage that big companies and governments have already created with their insatiable greed and their need for cash, control of people, energy and resources.
The truth is they must be stopped from destroying any further.

Alternative energy is not a fantasy, there is an inexhaustible amount of information readily available.
Conservation of energy must also be fully realized, utilized and practiced.
Do not be fooled into thinking bio fuels, or hydro electric dams are an answer.
They serve no sustainable purpose, resulting once again in the destruction of habitats and the displacement of wildlife and indigenous people's.

As a race, we must not allow any to destroy our environment.
We must not allow corporate, industry, or regimes to force us to be separated from interacting with our environment.

Nuclear power is a demon seed with nuclear waste having a half life of 25,000 years.
This means that it will still be 100% toxic to all forms of cellular life in 25,000 years time.
Chernobyl in Russia and Fukushima (a curse to catch attention) in Japan have shown that no nuclear power plants are 100% safe, and once an accident happens, the species and environmental impact is both far reaching and devastating.
Chernobyl and Fukushima must be taken as direct reasons for discontinuing the use of atomic energy,

People must pluck the sickness of greed and corruption from their Nations
You only get one chance, make that chance, one of a future for all People, species and planet.

People must expose and oppose tyrants, regimes and oppressors and those who commit crimes against peace, genocide, and ecocide. Everyone is on the same Planet, we need to acknowledge that we are also on the same page in our History and Future.


  1. Could we re-word this to eliminate the idea of 'we demand'? We're not here to ask that the government answer our requests. We are assembling in order to make these decisions. We will let the government know if we still need their services in due course. They are welcome to contribute in the meantime.


  2. Way to marginalise yourself.

    #4 - according to what law?

    #5 - even where the bonus is paid to a clerk on 10k?

    #6 - even legitimate expenses? Why 10k?

    #8 - why should the government be granted control private contractual relations?

    Etc, etc, etc, etc. About every point on this has something that makes it very different from the views of "the 99%". Embarrassing and naive, it would be probably be wisest to delete this and think again.

    1. As th piece says, it welcomes input and suggestions. So, that works then

  3. It's all about articulating frustration with processes that do not serve people's real needs. The future will be explored, learned about and pragmatic steps will be taken; this outburst of feeling, of a sense of outrage that the harms long associated with the status quo of power are not being addressed, is based on empathy, and to some degree, in some people, sympathy.

    We have a long way to go, and it's grand that we are on that journey. Go for it!

  4. Politicians, self serving charlatans an afront to the nation and decency. The untrustworthy corrupt elitist's are trying to run roughshod over our nation of decent people.
    Politicians, they need to be brought to book. The trouble Is the people who have the power to do that are with them in the first place.
    It's a closed door that needs kicking open sooner rather than later by the people of the UK
    Governments of the world comprised of psychopaths, sociopaths and sycophants. All serving themselves and big corporations.Is it any wonder where we are at the moment.Until, collectively, they are all brought to book and held accountable, nothing will change. As it is, at the moment, a world orchestrated by the wickedness and evils of the few upon the many who are fooled into subservience silenced, or murdered.